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We are the Dermatory.


We are truly advanced skincare experts who wholly understand you. Solving your skin issues, promoting your healthiest skin possible and enhancing your beauty is a journey we believe deserves exceptional attention and a highly individualized approach.

At The Dermatory we want every woman to feel aging is a beautiful thing. That is why we have devoted ourselves to the study of skin, the research of the most progressive luxury products available and the science of superior skincare. We have passion and we have answers… answers we are eager to share.

We believe all our clients are entitled to a life full of beauty. We have the savvy to get you there with customized solutions and the expertise to empower your skincare practices with at-home routines catered to you. At The Dermatory, beauty is yours.


Our in-depth consults are like no other in the industry.  We are famously known for our “skin education.”


The Dermatory facials and peels are customized to each individual’s conditions, skin concerns and goals.



Your skin type is unique.  Our experts will customize your home care routine for extraordinary results.


Our artists are expertly trained in color theory, application and giving you the ultimate wearable look.

.Our dynamic duo:

ANGIE DONNA | Owner/Beauty Director

Angie Donna is impassioned to help every woman look and feel beautiful. Through a combination of 20 years of industry experience, passion for beauty, and personal skincare ups and downs, this self proclaimed “product junkie” has made it her daily mission to bring her clients the latest and greatest in skincare. Angie began her career as a cosmetologist and makeup artist, freelancing for special events and working for the world renowned Aveda/Horst training center. As a licensed professional, she continuously researches product lines and skincare treatments in an effort to find those with proven results.

Having grown up in a family-owned business of 23 years, Angie is grateful to have learned early on how important it is to build client relationships based on trust, service and being attentive to individual needs.  Angie is eager to continue this family-inspired practice at The Dermatory, offering personalized solutions, supercharged skin care expertise and the most progressive product lines available.

SARAH KURN | Master Facialist

Sarah Kurn is considered one of the country’s best and brightest skincare specialists. With over 25 years of extensive training and work in medical esthetics, makeup artistry, and product trainings, Sarah has made an unparalleled reputation for herself as a leading expert in the world of skincare. That’s why Sarah’s approach to solving skin issues and promoting the healthiest skin possible is highly individualized to your distinctive needs.

By using the most progressive, top-grade products that contain the highest levels of active ingredients, Sarah stands out among the best. Combine Sarah’s insightful taste in products with her research for the most advanced skin technology and you are left lifted, firmed and tightened — confidently showing that singular “Minnesota Glow” Sarah is celebrated for. Her passion. Her years of knowledge. Her use of only the highest-quality ingredients. They all have firmly established Sarah Kurn at the forefront of skin health, pure and simple.